My village ministries

My Village Ministries (MVM) seeks to come alongside families in crisis and provide community

and support to help them get to the other side. 

how many nights?! So what?

This month, My Village hosted 14 children for a total of 118 nights! Our deepest thanks to the 8 churches that stepped forward to provide Biblical hostility to these kids and to share the gospel with their families.

This month, we had the chance to host three kiddos while their mom finished her schooling to become a firefighter! It is so easy to be impressed by the parents we serve. They show us what it is like to fight hard for your kids and your future, even when no one else is standing with you in that fight. This mama found herself alone when she was at a crucial time in her schooling and, instead of letting it all crumble, she courageously reached out for help. Her three kids spent a couple of nights with one of our host families and she graduated from her spot as a Columbus Fire Recruit. She now has the chance to become established with a great career with some new friends by her side. We are continually amazed at the difference a community can make!

SAVE THE DATE for the Annual Celebration Brunch & Fundraiser on November 5 (10 am-12 pm) and the next training on November 12 (8:30 am-4:30 pm)


Placing children with host families for a short period of time, providing coaching and training for parents, and welcoming those who are isolated into a Christ-centered community.

Current Prayer Requests & Praises (Updated 10/13/22):

  1. Pray for a mom that continues to secure housing.  There is a real housing crisis and really hard to find affordable housing.
  2. Pray for a mom that is recovering from c-section.  
  3. Pray for a mom that has ongoing chemo treatment/radiation.  There has been great movement towards gospel conversations.  
  4. Pray for a hosting that just got extended due to some unexpected challenges.  There is great relationship between the Referring Parent and the HFs - praise the Lord
  5. Pray for our fundraiser coming up on November 5th.
  6. Pray for a good turnout at our next training on November 12th.
  7. As always, pray for opportunities for the gospel to be shared in this ministry.