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carpeting project

covered in prayer

We had a little extra time before the final stages of the carpeting project were able to be completed, so we took the opportunity to pray a little more and wrote notes for future generations. Multiple languages and nationalities were represented, perfectly illustrating God's love for all His people.

Throughout this process, our 'theme prayer' has been, "God, what are you asking of me to accomplish your will in the church that I love?"



watch beyond

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beyond a dream. 

Beyond ourselves. 

Beyond the walls.

Often people think of stewardship only in terms of money, but it’s better defined as wisely caring for anything entrusted to you. That includes everything God has given us, sometimes summarized by the words time, talent, and treasure. The goal of this 3-year stewardship campaign is not simply to raise money, but more importantly, to increase our faith. God is challenging us to Go Beyond, with the vision of doubling the number of disciples in the Discover context by the end of 2027.

All of this is possible only when we focus on God and allow the Word and the Holy Spirit to transform us. Now is the time to lean into our faith. Now is the time to pray fervently. Now is the time to give sacrificially. Now is the time to carry on the vision. 

Now is the time to Go Beyond.

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“Now to him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the power that works
in us—to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

double the number of disciples

goals for go beyond

Our church started with a small group of dreamers who followed God’s call to Go Beyond

Our vision for this campaign is to double the number of disciples in the Discover context by the end of 2027. By optimizing our building space, we will be equipped to reach people and love them like God loves them. This is beyond a dream; it’s our opportunity to answer God’s call. God’s plan is greater than us, so we must go beyond ourselves. Now is the time to fervently pray: God, what are you asking of me so that you can accomplish your will in the church that I love?


Young Adults are increasingly absent in most US churches, so a staff member serving with them is vital. An Engagement role will help people in all age groups take their next clear steps on involvement and discipleship. Staff offices will be consolidated to the same area and refurnished, facilitating enhanced ministry collaboration and productivity.

local outreach

Consistent with our vision and church history, 10% of the financial resources from the campaign will be given to one or two significant projects with one or two of our local ministry partners. Additionally, we are exploring the potential of developing a “mobile ministry” vehicle — a tool designed to take the message of Jesus into the community in creative ways.

building updates

The newest part of our building is nearly 20 years old. Updates will be made to the Worship Center lobby flooring, parking lot, landscaping, and some aging roofing and HVAC systems. AV and lighting systems will be upgraded in the Worship Center, Student Center, parts of the Discover Kids area, the Commons,  gym, and some group rooms. A small, dedicated video production room will be created. New signs will be installed on Dublin Village Center Drive, where thousands of cars and pedestrians pass by each day. 

an athentic place

Student center

Teens will be the next generation of leaders for Christ, and our group of Middle and High School students is growing! By doubling the size of the Student Center, and creating an outdoor gathering area, we can create an authentic place for them to belong and thrive in Christ. These spaces will also be available for other ministry opportunities.

an inclusive ministry space

The commons

The size of the Commons will nearly double, the nearby kitchen will be expanded, and the two restrooms will become one family restroom in order to provide a more inclusive multipurpose space for groups of all ages and sizes to use. This space will also open the door for a multitude of other ministry opportunities.

room to grow

group spaces

A few current spaces will be reconfigured to better serve as places to gather and grow together, including the outdoor space off of the Global Café. Other multi-use rooms will be outfitted with new, flexible AV and seating arrangements, fulfilling an ever-increasing need for groups to gather on our site.

Learn more

Learn more about Go Beyond with this brief informational video!



Learn more about Go Beyond!

  • The primary focus of the campaign is to increase and grow our faith and engagement with the mission of God’s church. During this important time in history, we must be more outwardly focused – meeting people where they are and continuously taking one more step toward Jesus together. This is only possible when we focus on God and allow the Word and the Holy Spirit to transform us. Our hopeful anticipation is that increasing numbers of Jesus followers will be part of this journey, leaning into our faith, living out the vision of discipleship as we Reach, Love, Imitate, and Duplicate.

    Secondly, by deepening our faith and our commitment to God’s church we hope to raise our level of generosity. Recognizing that God owns it all (including our time, our gifts and abilities, and our finances), we want to see the full power of His resources unleashed to equip, train, and inspire others to develop a meaningful eternal relationship with Jesus.

    Since God has blessed us with a tremendous facility, an outstanding staff, and wonderful volunteers, we’ve consistently tried to steward our resources to have significant ministry impact. at the same time, we know that any fruit in ministry comes only as we remain connected to Jesus (John 15:5). The strategic goal to double the number of disciples within the next five years will require prayerful planning, adding additional staff, equipping and challenging disciple-makers, repurposing and upkeep of nearly 65,000 square feet of facility space, and developing even more creative ways of serving and sharing the gospel.

  • We desire for the greater community to feel welcome as we create an authentic place to belong, grow, and serve. By staying true to our vision, stretching our faith, and keeping focused on making disciples through worship (gathering), groups (relationships), and serving (sharing/equipping), lives are transformed – including our own. Some ministries will require additional staff, whether full-time, part-time, or volunteer to remain effective. Ministry “within the walls” will benefit by modest updates to the facility; “beyond the walls” we’re looking at creative ways to make a larger impact in the community. The concept of a “mobile ministry” vehicle is one such idea being explored. 

  • We are in the process of assessing costs and preparing to take a step of faith by prayerfully seeking God’s provision. We’re still a couple months from making any large financial commitments for the facility improvements, but we’re also sensitive to rising building costs and extended lead times for goods and services. The initiatives we’re addressing in the short term can be funded with available funds – budgeted staff additions, replacing nearly 20-year-old audio, video, and lighting, and some other smaller facility updates. The preliminary campaign facility budget breakdown is as follows:

    • Student Center/Commons/Office relocation         $500,000
    • Roof Replacements (completes the facility)          $100,000
    • Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment                              $135,000
    • Audio/Visual/Technology (several areas)              $  65,000
    • Children’s and Life Groups Area Flooring               $  75,000


    And 10% of all funds received for Go Beyond will be donated towards one or two local community projects through our local GO (Global Outreach) partners (please be praying for God’s clarity in those projects).

  • It has always been our goal to accelerate paying down the mortgage (currently $1.7M) while balancing the needs of the ongoing ministry as a priority.

    We hope to manage funding so that we can avoid the use of additional debt by first using available funds as they are received. Our lending partner, Christian Financial Resources (CFR) has provided us a competitive 3-year, interest only “construction loan” that, if needed, will allow us to move forward with the larger project items. If we do not need to tap the loan over the three years, there is no additional cost to the church.

  • We have enjoyed partnering with Tree of Life for over two decades, and without a doubt the Dublin Tree of Life branch has provided a benefit to the Kingdom. Initially, Discover was a supporting church not only providing space throughout the week for school activities, but also providing financial support in the early years of the partnership. As Tree of Life has grown and become more “self-sustaining” through tuition and private donations, their financial commitment to Discover has grown to include $150,000 in annual rental payments in addition to some capital building improvements in 2020 and 2021.

    While we don’t have any immediate plans for the education wing of the building throughout the week if Tree of Life were no longer in the building, we’re open to God’s leading and His timing for what that would be.

  • The biggest pressure for break-out space and Life Groups meeting in the building occurs on Sunday evenings. For Sunday evenings the Student Center/Commons areas would be dedicated primarily to Student Ministry with flexibility to partition off smaller spaces. For Life Groups that continue to meet in the building on Sunday nights, adult seating is available in the education wing classroom settings, where we also want to make available appropriate technology updates for online videos such as RightNow Media.

    Changing needs over time has precipitated some repurposing of spaces and will most likely require flexibility and change in the future. What a blessing it is to have the space we have!

  • While building a new facility for the Student Center, the Commons, and Ministry Offices would be nice, the cost would be many times more than a renovation. It’s simply good stewardship to renovate what we have instead (saving literally millions of dollars versus new construction). 


CAMPAIGN GENERAL CHAIRS Elaine Young & Bill Roberts

CHILDREN'S INVOLVEMENT Cindy Herpolsheimer & Loriena Roberts

COMMITMENT RESPONSE Leo and Annette Mazzoli & Alec and Kristin Carpenter

COMMITMENT EVENT(S) Dane Alexander & Bose Okonrende

COMMUNICATIONS John and Leah Brown & Rachel Griffith

CONTACT/CARE Scott and Carin Holahan & Tony and Nickie Perez

PRAYER George and Kathy Fisher & Matt and Chelsea Termeer

C.R.E.A.T.E Mike Perez & Remington Davenport

ENLISTMENT Craig Lee & Justin and Michelle Firestone

MAJOR GIFTS Diane Armstrong & Bob Holtcamp

ADMINISTRATORS JoAnn Rodgers & Paul Griffith

LEADERSHIP GIFTS Marty and Jill Lance & John and Jennifer Justus

STUDENT INVOLVEMENT Tyler and Elizabeth Bruney & Preston Wilkin

INFORMATION TEAM/LIFE GROUP Jim Brechbuhler & Rich Fischbach