My village ministries

My Village Ministries (MVM) seeks to come alongside families in crisis and provide community

and support to help them get to the other side. 


Placing children with host families for a short period of time, providing coaching and training for parents, and welcoming those who are isolated into a Christ-centered community.

Current Prayer Requests (Updated 7/20/22):

  1. Please pray for a mom who is going to have her first visit with her child. She's had a lot going on unfortunately, it's the first time seeing her child in a while.
  2. Please pray for a mom who has chosen life and giving her newborn up for adoption. She, sadly, is receiving a lot of shame and condemnation for the decision she made.  Mom also is high risk with her physical health.  She is getting a heart scan later today.
  3. Pray for a mom we are serving who is going to a Young Lives camp as a junior leader. This is an incredible opportunity for her to serve, experience, community, and hear and see the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  4. Pray for a mom and her boyfriend who have shown so much interest in the Lord. There is such a softness to gospel conversations and a desire to study the Bible.
  5. Pray for a mom who recently lost her spouse and home.  She also just got out of the hospital.  She is going through so much. Also, please pray for the HF that takes in the 4 kids tonight.