Life groups and d groups

Discover believes that spiritual growth is accelerated and deepened in community with others seeking a closer walk with Jesus. Jesus understood this. He spent time with his twelve disciples (Life Groups) and His inner circle of three disciples: Peter, James, and John (D-Groups). Both groups are structured to grow committed followers of Jesus. Since each type of group has a different emphasis, people are encouraged to be in both a Life Group and a D-Group. Here are some characteristics of a life group:

  • Life groups generally consist of 8 to 16 adults
  • Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly
  • Gatherings general last between 1.5 to 2 hours per week
  • Discover offers mixed, men's, and women's Life Groups
  • Groups meet in homes or on the Discover campus
  • Groups meet on various days and at various times
  • Childcare is handled according to the group's needs, encouraging kids to play together and develop deeper friendships
  • During trying times, life groups are usually "first responders" in prayer, meals and support for one another
  • Occasionally life groups gather to just hang out (i.e. go out for pizza or do a service project
  • A typical group format begins with food/snacks and fellowship, then 30 to 45 minutes of group study, and concludes with prayer

For more information, contact Jim Brechbuhler // adult discipleship minister