a brief history

Up to this point

The congregation that would one day be known as Discover Christian Church began its life as all ministries do: a bold idea. The Northwest area of Franklin County needed a church, and a group of members from Beechwold Church answered the call to fill this need. But they needed a place. The Farmhouse, would be the congregation's first gathering site.

"The property was purchased and many joyous hours were spent remodeling, painting, cleaning, and preparing our grand old house for the first service. This is said with tongue in cheek remembering the time we all came for prayer meeting and Clayton Grimstad, Harold Grandy, and Cliff Purvis were all covered from head to toe with soot. The old chimney had fallen down when they were working on it and the soot was everywhere."


-The History of the Church of Christ on Martin Road

"Many wonderful memories happened in that old farmhouse..."

growing strong


Over the years, the congregation grew, so the building grew with it. Where the farmhouse once stood, a new building was raised. Then the section on the right was added to it. Look familiar? What was once the new chapel is now the Student Center!

The worship center & education wing

most recently

The most recent addition to the building, the Worship Center and Education Wing, took shape in the early 2000s!

you belong

Discover family

Let's face it. Things change. Our building and congregation may look different than it did years ago, but we remain a place to worship, have fun, form meaningful relationships, and belong. We're so glad you're here.

"let us keep on moving for Him."

We have seen the loss of many of our loved ones, we have had disappointments, but the Lord has always been there for us and made our sad days, glad days. Let us keep on moving for HIM."

-The History of the Church of Christ on Martin Road

steve and theresa murphy

Over the years

Recognize these two? Our Lead Minister, Steve Murphy, and his wife, Theresa, have been serving at Discover since way back.

60 years in the making

Happy birthday, Discover!

On October 3, 2021, Discover turned 60! We celebrated our birthday by looking back to empower our future. We are eager to see how God leads Discover over the next 60 years!