To journey into communities and inspire people to bring life transformational guidance through God's love.


Homeless Outreach // Prepare the Columbus Relief bus for outreach together. This includes prepare soap, hygiene bags, and other items that will go out that day. After tasks are completed and bus is loaded, we circle together for a mini orientation and prayer. Then, we travel to the outreach location and spend some time in worship and prayer.

Heart of the Home // Our newest ministry which helps the homeless get moved into their new residence

Participate in serving with Discover on the fourth Saturday of every month in the Homeless Outreach

Volunteer with the collection/distribution of furniture with Heart of the Home

Volunteer to assist in the renovation of the new facilities



Empowering individuals to make healthy choices consistent with the intrinsic value of every human life.


Intervention // women facing unexpected or challenging pregnancies receive the support they need to choose life

Prevention // Offering middle and high school students instruction about healthy relationships, life goals, and sexual integrity

Extension // Provide parenting classes and resources to pregnant and nursing mothers

Recovery // Programs that offer hope and healing to women and men who were part of a past abortion



IFI's mission is to extend life-changing hospitality and friendships to international students out of reverence to Jesus

Volunteer for airport pickup and temporary housing

Volunteer to meet regularly with small group of international students and American volunteers to learn more about the Bible

Volunteer as an English conversation partner to help international students improve their English [average one hour per week]

Host an international student in your home during the holidays to share in your family traditions



A Jesus-centered community of Ohio State students. We grow together as friends, leaders, and disciples at Ohio State.


Learning // To learn from Jesus while we're at school. We've learned from a lot of people about how to live, but Jesus is the one we need to learn from the most

Loving // Love is associated with Jesus. We need grace from Him, and others need grace from us.

Leading // Create good vision for the world and move toward them. We influence each other in the ways of Jesus and invite others to follow after Jesus as servants

Donate food for students celebrating their last year at OSU

Provide meals for students during finals week

Volunteer at SCF gatherings



A joint venture between Mission Columbus and Center Ohio Youth for Christ to provide in-school tutoring for elementary age students whose reading skills fall below their grade level

Volunteer at a one-on-one tutor once a week for a student at Riverside Elementary in Dublin