Extend hope and elevate people to experience their God-given potential. Sharing His love through our resources and through discipleship. (Matthew 25:34-40; Matthew 28:18-20)


To generously extend hope // Life can be hard and sometimes you simplyneed someone to come alongside you to share God's hope through the struggles of life. We come alongside all ages through education, health/nutrition, homes, and children's homes.

To create possibilites to elevate people // Barriers can hinder you knowing and growing in Christ. When obstacles are removed, God can create a better story! Through churches, planting new churches, sports, and leadership development, all ages are seeing their potential in Christ.

To express God's love to others // Standing on the sidelines isn't an option for us, and maybe not for you either. We provide opportunities for you to give families a healthy future by packing nutritious meals and provide kids a hope-filled future through child sponsorship. You also can experience God moving in another culture through a mission trip.

Participate in a GO SERVE team that travels to Haiti or Navajo Nation (AZ) to serve alongside our Global Outreach partners and experience the full breath of their ministries

Participate in food bagging or during our church-wide events as an individual, family, or Life Group

Sponsor a child from one of their mission fields

Volunteer to work at the their warehouse





To evangelize to Caribbean societies and bring them to Christian maturity through the development of leaders for the church


Windward Islands School of Evangelism is committed to training Christians for the highest level of service, which God enables, being concerned that students develop a commitment to and capability for serving the body of Christ for the glory of God. The W.I.S.E. commitment is to aid students in sharpening their tools for a more effective ministry as they engage in the local church. W.I.S.E. currently offers two different educational opportunities // 1 year Bible Knowledge Certificate and 2 year Associate Degree

Participate in a GO SERVE Team that travels to WISE Campus on the island of Barbados

Assist with work projects on the WISE campus

Participate in pastoral care and fellowship of the staff, students, and their families

Assist with VBS and other outreach activities at the direction of the Executive Director

international conference on missions


The International Conference on Missions (ICOM) exists to encourage, equip, and enlist workers for the harvest. This is accomplished through their annual conference attended by missionaries, mission organizations, churches, and colleges from around the world with a heart for the unreached. Their extensive international conference serves as a connection point for global missions - telling God's stories, providing resources and uniting the world with missions


Pastoral care, training, and fellowship of kingdom workers from around the world

Create networking opportunities for missionaries and other kingdom workers

Attend the annual conference in November each year. Conference site is different each year. Go to

for details on future conferences



Reaching the unreached - Team Expansion desires to see every person in the world reached with the gospel of Christ. Through their missionaries, they are working toward that goal through evangelism, church planting, and disciple-making movements.


Evangelism, church planting, and disciple-making movements. We currently support 4 missionary families sent to different mission fields through Team Expansion

Venezuela - Lugo Family [Caracas/Paraiso] // Jorge, Diana, and sons Joshua and Jacob are serving in their native country and have been very effective in evangelism and planting churches in and around the capital city of Caracas. This is despite the ongoing civil unrest and economic hardships in that country.

North Africa - Paez Family [Restricted Access Country] // Alfredo and Tamera Paez and their team have developed a sophisticated system for reaching Christ seekers in their area. This has been very effective in discipling men and women in this Muslim country while keeping everyone safe.

Eastern Europe - Villwock Family [Restricted Access Country] // Chris, Ira, and their children; Dasha, Gaberiel, and Dunja along with their team are successfully implementing the system used in North Africa reaching Christ seekers in their area. This has gained significant traction in an area bound by deeply rooted cultural bias (Catholic, Orthodox, and Muslim).

Northeast India - Dawnlight Project [Restricted Access Country] // The Fisherman (Code Name) and his team are serving in their native country and have been very effective in evangelism and planting churches in and around that very restricted and often inaccessible part of India.

Participate in a GO SERVE team to one of the restricted countries as part of a very small pastoral care team [travel to Caracas is not prudent currently due to the civil unrest]

Pray for the missionary families and their churches for strength to continue their kingdom work, for provision, and safety

Provide aid through fulfilling periodic "needs" requests

crossroads missions

[Mexico, Help Build Hope, New Orleans, Appalachia, Louisville]


Crossroads Missions is a doorway for churches and individuals seeking ministry opportunities in places they may otherwise have difficulty serving. We accomplish this goal by bringing people of all ages into missions in the United States and foreign fields.


Mission Fields // Crossroads is embodying The Great Commission in three domestic mission fields and one international. There they spread the gospel while addressing the physical needs of the people in those areas.

Help Build Hope // We are about building partnerships, building relationships, building community, and building homes. We accomplish this in partnership with churches, companies, schools, and with Habitat with Humanity and Fuller Centers for Housing

Storytellers // Storytellers exists to parter with aid organizations, missions, ministries, and churches helping them tell their story and the stories of those they serve. We do this with volunteer participants skilled in journalism, photography, videography, graphic-design, and other communication related fields, as well as those wishing to learn how to tell these stories more effectively.

Participate on a GO SERVE team that travels to one of the Crossroads Mission field to experience their ministries first hand

Participate in a house build through their Help Build Hope ministry as an individual, family, or life group during our church-wide event through their Help Build Hope ministry as an individual, family, or life group during our church-wide event