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There is something for everyone.

We offer adult classes at 9:00 am and 10:30 am.



  • Women’s Bible Study

    The Women's Bible Study will be studying the book of Acts. The lesson book, entitled, Acts-seeing the spirit at work by John Stott is available in the oasis bookstore for $7.50. Lead by Diane League and Elaine young // In the Fireside Room

  • verse by verse study of the book of romans 

    The theme of Romans is righteousness and will be the basis of our study. Participants will discover new insights about righteousness as well as Law vs. Grace, justification by faith, God's provision for salvation and freedom from bondage. Lead by Bob Cook // In the Oasis Bookstore


  • Study of the book of exodus

    The Book of Exodus documents the journey of God’s people, from death to life. Born into slavery, redeemed by God with great power and cost, protected along the path of life, and forgiven for their many acts of rebellion, the story of Exodus parallels the life of believers today. So, when we study the Book of Exodus, we don’t just study the history of an ancient people. We study our own story of how God sustained us on our journey from death in sin, to life in Christ.  Lead by Scott Phinney // In the Chapel

  • study of the book of hebrews

    MARCH 18 - JUNE 3

    Hebrews was written to Jewish Christians who were wavering in their commitment to Jesus.  The author's emphasis is that Jesus is BETTER than their old faith. Christians are living under a better covenant (the new covenant). The author gives several warnings designed to encourage believers in Jesus to remain faithful. This 10 week class will explore what it means for us today to remain faithful to Jesus. Lead by George Fisher // In the Fireside room

  • 4 ESSENTIALS of CHRISTIAN PARENTING STARTING APRIL 29 at 10:30 am If you're a parent, or know a parent, this message is for you! Parenting is just as rewarding today as it’s ever been, but in our post Christian culture, Christian parents are facing tougher obstacles than ever before. This five-week elective, 4 Essentials of Christian Parenting, will focus on parenting children for a life-long walk with Jesus here on earth and spending eternity with Him in heaven. Intentionality is key! Parents with kids of any age are welcome, but our primary focus will be Gen Z kids (born 1999-2015), and 0-2 year olds. Because this elective is of utmost importance, we want to make it available to as many parents as possible, so this class will be offered again 6/17-7/15/18. The class will be in the Youth Center

  • THE CASE for CHRIST STARTING SUNDAY, APRIL 29 at 10:30 am What evidence do we have outside of the Scriptures for the existence of Jesus Christ, his ministry, crucifixion and resurrection? What answers can you give when someone asks you for the reason for the hope that is in you? Learn to defend your faith. Bring a friend who is investigating the claims of Christianity. This is a five week class at 10:30 am with David Huddle in the Oasis.