Come discover applicable wisdom from the Bible & grow your faith. There is something for everyone. We offer adult classes at 9a and 10:30a. Check out our class listings below.


  • women's bible study

    The Women's Bible Study is continuing their study of the book, Anxious for Nothing, by Max Lucado, through the month of June.

    Lead by Diane League and Elaine Young // Fireside Room

  • Study of the Book of Romans

    The theme of Romans is righteousness and will be the main focus of this verse by verse study.  Participants will discover new insights about righteousness, law vs. grace, justification through faith, God's provision for salvation and freedom from bondage.

    Lead by Bob Cook//Oasis Bookstore


  • june 16-July 14--key passages for faith CONVERSATIONS

    Do you ever think after a conversation with a friend, "If I'd have only remembered that passage!" or maybe your facing an obstacle yourself and wish you had a good verse to meditate over...then this class is for you. We'll study key verses on many different topics, along with scripture memory tips and even learn to use one of the best scripture apps developed to date.  June 16 through July 14.  

    Jim Brechbuhler main teacher/facilitator//Fireside Room  

  • July 21-August 25--parenting in a sexualized culture

    Parents are challenged today to not only protect their children from 24/7 social media bombardment, but also to present sexuality in God-honoring way. We'll discuss God's plan for sexuality, explaining it our children, tech savvy parenting and much more. July 21 to August 25

    Jim Brechbuhler will lead, along with sessions lead by Jordan Tuttle and other guests// Student Center