Located in Wooster, Christian Children’s Home of Ohio [CCHO] does great ministry for hurting children and their families. Kids housed in the residential cottages come out of some of the worst home environments and receive critically needed love and counseling.
Our main project this year centers around one of the favorite things in any child’s life...the pool! Coming out of abusive and/or poverty stricken homes, the CCHO pool may be one of their few exposures to a pool. Pool fun is part of their healing. This year, we’ll remove the large cement pad surrounding the pool that is unsafe and in disrepair. We will expand the concrete and put up new chain link fence.

To complete this project, we nee to raise $12,950 to cover construction costs by October 14.  To financially donate, please write 2019 CCHO TRIP on your check memo line OR click on the donation button below. We also need donations of food for the workers.


OCTOBER 17-19, 2019


We eat breakfast at approximately 7a and are on the job site by 7:30a. We break for lunch at approximately noon and eat supper at 6ish. All meals and breaks work around the tasks at hand such as concrete delivery, drying time, etc. We usually work late into the evening to ensure the next day gets off to a good start


Food and a bunk are provided, but you will need to bring your own bedding and towels. We don't want you to lack bedding for sleeping or towels to shower after a long day's work.


Please note that if you have special dietary needs, feel free to bring along your own food. With a hectic schedule and limited volunteers, this is a big help to us. We'll do our best to prepare if for you or give you time to prepare it. FYI, peanuts and eggs, etc. are used to cook for the crew.


Set the concrete forms and prepare site on Thursday. Pour concrete all day on Friday. Saturday, we'll remove forms, cut and treat concrete, and work on the fence. Plans are highly subject to change! Other miscellaneous jobs in various buildings will be mixed in as time permits.