WEEK 2: Wake up about priorities

Ask them this:

What is something that is on your mind right now?


If you could do anything that you wanted to right now, what would it be?


Say something like this:

Often times or maybe all of the time, our minds are flooded with information. It comes from our phones, work, families, etc. We struggle with priorities often because things are thrown in our faces, and unfortunately sometimes it’s a conscious decision we make. Let’s take a look at a very popular story in Luke about priorities.


Read this:

Luke 10:38-42


Ask them this:

Who do you resonate more with in this story? Mary or Martha?


Why was Martha so frustrated?


The gift of hospitality is important for life and ministry, but what are some of the things that Martha is doing wrong in this situation?


What is the one thing that is needed that Jesus is referring to? Why was it so easy for Martha to get distracted from that?


Subtly at the end, Jesus says, “…and it will not be taken away from her.” What does that mean?

Say something like this:

The story of Mary and Martha is used for a wide variety of teachings, but in this case, we are directly addressing the need for focus on Jesus. Now that we’ve talked about the passage directly, let’s talk about what it means for our life.


Ask them this:

Who or what do you blame when your life gets chaotic?


In this passage, Jesus implies that he is our portion. What are some things that you are treating as your “portion” instead?


How would you communicate this passage to a friend? (believer and/or non-believer)


Why is it that study and prayer become just a part of our day rather than the main piece of our day?


What are you doing for Jesus that may be keeping you from being with Jesus?


Challenge them with this:

Find a way to set apart your time with God. Whether it is the place you do your study, the time, or how you do it. Find a way to focus your mind on Jesus. Make this a priority. Try this different strategy this week and see how it effects your ability to not just “set aside” time, but prioritize that time with God. Then, see how it effects how you speak with your family, coworkers, and friends.


Supplemental Scriptures:

Matthew 6:31-34; Hebrews 12:2

Bottom Line: Busyness and idolatry are far too common. We need to fix our eyes on Jesus!