Week one: Wake up about eternity

Ask them this:

What or who is the hardest thing or person for you to be patient with?


What is your biggest fear or phobia?


Say something like this:

Two significant fears in the world are fear of the unknown and fear of death. Even though these two things are so greatly feared, our culture certainly does not act like it. The reality of Heaven and Hell is becoming increasingly more difficult to communicate in today’s world. Let’s look at how Peter communicates it in his second letter to the church.


Read this:

2 Peter 3:8-18


Ask them this:

Why is God delaying judgment? What does that say about his character?


According to verse 10, what reason do we have to pursue righteousness? Do we really believe what verse 10 says? Why or why not?


What are the promises that God has made that Peter is referencing?


Why should we make every effort to be blameless if we know that Jesus took care of our sin?


What do you think Peter means when he says, “fall from your secure position?”

Say something like this:

This topic can be difficult because it causes us to examine ourselves. Sometimes, it actually causes us to over-examine. Now that we have talked about the Scripture itself, let’s talk about how that applies to our lives.


Ask them this:

What is your first reaction to reading this passage? How should you respond?


How would you communicate this passage to a friend? (believer and/or non-believer)


What are some of the barriers in our culture to displaying this message?


Is it really worth the trouble to share this with others? Why or why not?


What is something you need to change in order to make every effort to pursue a blameless life?


Challenge them with this:

Praying for one another is one of the best first steps that we can take in sharing this message. Whether it’s in your journal, phone or a scrap piece of paper, write down two three-person lists. One list is people that know Jesus, but may be struggling in some way, shape or form. The second is people you know that don’t know Jesus that you need to pray for and maybe share your faith with. Pray for the people on these lists and see how God works. Remember, God is more patient than we are.

Bottom Line: The reality of Heaven and Hell should push us to pursue Christ and love others.