We value:

Grace. No one is beyond the reach of God’s grace. Grace is the outflowing of God’s unconditional love and mercy, is offered to everyone, and must be accepted individually. 

(Romans 3:23-24; Ephesians 2:8)

Truth. Truth is not subjective. The source of truth is the Bible, the life of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We strive to speak the truth in love.

(2 Timothy 3:16-17; John 17:17; Ephesians 4:15)

Prayer. We believe things of lasting value are accomplished because they are bathed in prayer. Prayer is foundational to our relationship with God. Through personal and corporate prayer, we offer praise, seek God's will, ask for wisdom, and express our concerns. God moves in response to our united and personal prayer.

(Philippians 4:6-7; 1 Thessalonians 5:17; Romans 8:25)

Transformation. When we intentionally place ourselves where we can be changed, the Holy Spirit begins to transform our hearts and lives. Beyond forgiveness, our negative cycles of behavior and sin are changed by God.

(2 Timothy 3:16-17; Galatians 5:22-23; 2 Peter 1:3-8; 2 Corinthians 5:17)

Worship. Worship is the expression of a relationship with God, personally and corporately, as we respond to God’s grace in faith, love, and obedience. 

(Romans 12:1-2; Psalm 95:1-6, Colossians 3:16)

Relationships. Ministry is about people, not programs. We intentionally seek authentic relationships with God and people. We desire to make disciples who make disciples. 

(1 John 3:16; 4:7-8; Matthew 4:19; 28:19-20)

Unity. Jesus prayed for those who believe in him to be one, as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one. May people know God is real by the way we love each other and are united in Christ. 

(John 17:20-21; 1 Corinthians 12:12-26)

Service. God provides gifts and resources to every person. As followers of Jesus, we intentionally and prayerfully offer them to do life-changing ministry. We look for ways to contribute, rather than consume.

(1 Peter 4:10; Ephesians 4:11-13; Mark 10:45)

Generosity. Our time, energy, talents, and money are gifts from God, and are meant to be shared. We strive for the kind of generosity that only makes sense in light of God's grace. 

(2 Corinthians 9:7)

Excellence. We are not perfect, but the Bible calls us to be dedicated to excellence. Because we are serving God in all we say and do, excellence is always the goal.

(Colossians 3:17, 23-24)

Relevance. The good news of Jesus must creatively reach today's culture without compromising the timeless message.

(1 Corinthians 9:19-23; John 3:16-17)